Project Description

Rob Shapiro


Rob Shapiro has performed on the broken half of a stripper’s runway still affixed to the wall in Northeast Minneapolis, to moonlit romantics in a Bora Bora lagoon, to sweaty masses crammed into Texas roadhouses, to open air concerts on Hollywood & Highland. He studied theater at the Children’s Theatre Co. and School, with regional theater and comedy in the years that followed. With his critically acclaimed band, Populuxe, he has released 3 CDs, A Foggy Day in Brooklyn (1998), deep in an american evening… (2005) and Populuxe/3 (2014), plus 1 EP Daphne (2005). He is the vocalist and co-writer in Town & Country Band, who’s pro-Marriage Equality single “Everybody Wants To Say I Do” was a hit in 2012. He is a voice-over artist, narrating audiobooks such as the bestselling “The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood” and the fantasy noir “Low Town,” has been featured in multiple video games (Mafia III, Call of Duty: Black Ops, etc.) and voices the tarticidal lizard in the animated PopTarts commercials.