Project Description

Dennis Gersten


Dennis Gersten is co-artistic director of Theatre Unlimited (T.U. Studios) in the Noho Arts District. There he directed Indulgences in the Louisville Harem and the award-winning The Author’s Thumb, his own adaptation from the writing of Henry Fielding. As an actor, director and playwright, he is a founding member of Stagewrights, Inc. in NYC and Michael Chekhov Studio in LA. He teaches Theatre and acting at LA Valley College, Inside Out Community Arts/P.S.Arts, and East LA Classic Theatre.


  • The Hairy Ape and Tempest Redux (Odyssey)
  • Perfect Timing (Theatre 40)
  • The Missing Pages of Lewis Carroll (Boston Court)
  • The Chosen (Coachella Valley Rep.)
  • The Lady’s Not for Burning and Accomplices (Fountain Theatre)
  • Compleat Female Stage Beauty and Henry V (Crown City)
  • Double Falsehood (Coeurage Theatre)
  • National Pastime (Fremont Centre Theatre)
  • David and Goliath in America and Dirk (Road Theatre)
  • San Fran Scapin and Don Juan: The Trickster of Seville (Andak Stage Co.)


  • Hollywood Fringe
  • Road Theatre
  • 2Cents Theatre
  • LA Shakespeare
  • Theatre Unlimited
  • Michael Chekhov Studio
  • The Next Arena
  • Crescenta Valley Arts
  • Vineyard Touring Opera
  • AADA


  • Shamela
  • The Author’s Thumb
  • Desert-Morning
  • Willie Said To
  • Dirty Slut
  • Puppy Chow
  • Rhetoric
  • Mine

  • Chester
  • Life and Crime
  • Four Winds
  • Beautiful Morning
  • At Home
  • In My Father’s House


  • Shakespeare Revealed
  • The Angel Tapes
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Angel
  • Courage
  • Maggie

  • ​LA Weekly
  • ADA
  • Scenie